Green Initiatives

    • Recycle cardboard, shrink wrap and shredded paper from office.
    • Recycle non-standard pallets.
    • Use only recycled paper as "fill" in re-pack for outbound boxes.
    • Recycle all print cartridges.
    • Recycle corner boards and pallets from inbound shipments...use for our outbound shipments vs. purchasing new ones.
    • Only re-charge lift equipment as required vs. putting them back on battery charger each evening.
    • Consolidate local pickups to maximize truck routing and gas savings.
    • Incorporate back hauling and other trucking related efficiencies to minimize fuel consumption.
    • Use timers on kitchen appliances and coffee makers in break areas to ensure all units are turned off during off-hours.
    • Eliminate Styrofoam plates and cups used in the facility…use reusable and recyclable products only.
    • Concerted effort to turn lights off in all offices when not in use.
    • Minimizing the printing of any documents…save electronically wherever possible.
Additional initiatives are underway and implemented on a regular basis